Happy Thursday. 8 PAX braved the cooler temps and the slicing wind to better themselves with some fitness, fellowship, and faith at OPES this morning. January 2022 brought a new year, new goals, new challenges, and new resolve. I historically fall off the bandwagon during Q4 every year and 2021 was no different. That’s history that I’d rather not repeat this year, but what’s in the past is in the past.

I recently booked a nearly two-week ski trip to Colorado. I haven’t been snow skiing in at least 4-5 years and 50 pounds ago. Nothing like a commitment of time and money to get you motivated. Dodgeball and Uptown, both ski pros, reminded me that it’s all about L&L – Legs and Lungs. Hence, the theme of today’s workout.

High 40s so I wore shorts but the wind was slicing so we did some silly runs around my truck, hands in the air like you don’t care just to move and loosen up. Followed that with traditional F3 warmups including SSH, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers, and LBACs.

Short mosey to the backside of OPES bus lane.

Legs & Lungs – The Workout

I’m a firm believer in the MAN principle – Modify As Needed. However, I also think form is important. Being married to a personal trainer, I know how important form is — form over speed, any day. So, while explaining the workout, we got some great demonstrations of “good form” by Yogi and Heartbreaker.

Starting at beginning:
1 – Lunge Walk to the first column.
2 – Do ONE deep squat.
3 – Run/Jog back to starting line.
4 – Do ONE burpee.

Repeat this forever, adding a deep squat for each column. (lunge walk to second column, do two deep squats, etc.,) – always just one burpee back at the start to reset. We did this for 20 minutes or so, I believe the front of the pack made it into 11 columns/squats.

Next, we all gathered together and found a column that we could use for balance support and did 8 separate rounds of 10 calf raises, in cadence. That’s 320 calf raises if you’re counting. Each member of the PAX took their turn leading the 4-count/rep cadence and we did little exercises in between to recover, such as Imperial Walkers or SSH.

Finally, we moseyed down the open corridor to the benches. Option to do either 10 box jumps or 10 step-ups (5 per leg). Then jog/run to the next open corridor further down and repeat on the benches there. Back and forth until time to return to front of school.

We took the back route in the dark through the playground area back to the front of the school. At the gate, we stopped and waited for everyone and did a full, hard sprint back to the beginning of the AO where Blackberry offered his FitBit timer for the January Fitness Challenge – as many hand-release merkins as possible in 1 minute, followed by as many squats as possible in 1 minute.

COT – Prayers & Announcements
Yogi shared about this new website/game called Wordle that has been a fun way for his family to engage together.
WarChicken asked for prayer for a friend, Alex.
WarChicken presented the F3 belt to Loveseat for his keeping humor in the group with fun stories of his adopted daughter.

Naked Man Moleskin:

First, regarding the actual workout … when we were leaving I felt a little disappointed that my legs weren’t screaming and wobbly. Maybe it was too easy. I said something and Loveseat said his legs were shaking. An hour later, sitting here writing this, I concur. Pretty sure the legs will remember this workout later this evening.

Second, in life … It feels good to be back in a rhythm. I’ve managed to string together a few weeks of consistently winning on some key goals for 2022. I’ve attended the majority of workouts, I’ve maintained my calorie/diet goals, I’ve had consistent time with my Lord and Savior each morning, etc. Traction is a good thing and motivates even more. One thing I’m becoming more and more aware of is that PREP is extremely important. For example, I set my coffee pot the night before and have it on a timer. When I came home from F3 this morning and opened the door the aroma of hot, fresh coffee was the first thing I noticed. WIN.

PREP: set two alarms so you don’t fartsack
PREP: set out your clothes the night before to make it easier to get going
PREP: plan your meals, prepare in advance if necessary
PREP: spend time in prayer or meditation in the morning, getting your mind and spirit in a good place.

Thanks to everyone who came out today!

Fred McKinnon, 51 – Fidget Spinner


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