Mini Murph Monday

5 pax gathered on a very windy and cold Monday morning to get in that good work.

Co-Q’d by Fidget Spinner and D2

Fidget lead the warm-up and kept time for the January Fitness challenge. Then we grabbed the sandbags and slam ball and set off on a brief ruck (taking a round-about path to the dolphin playground).

Fidget suggested the Murph on Slack last night and we did a shorter modified version this morning. Sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins’ and 15 squats – running between to the opposite playground. We kept at this for about 25/30 minutes and then decided to move on as the output slowed. I believe on average we completed 9 rounds.

Next Workout

2 or 3 rounds (can’t remember) of the following:

  1. Wall Balls
  2. Run (the pax running was our timer and we switched stations when he was finished)
  3. Sandbag farmer carry up the steps and down – repeating
  4. Sandbag deadlifts
  5. Plank

We finished off the morning with 5 brutal minutes of abs led by Yogi Bear.


Fred is having pretty serious ear/hearing/nerve issues. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Blackberry awarded Fred the F3 Belt!

Yogi semi-formally renamed I’m a Man to I’m the Man. Needs leadership consideration and approval…



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