6 men met in the gloom on Thursday at Renegade. I got voluntold to Q the week before, which was a good move, so I had plenty of time to think through the workout. happy to see heartbreaker back out there with us.

We did a tiny bit of dynamic stretching, then we were off.

the thang

mosey a little ways towards the front entrance, plank for the 6, 10 burpees

mosey a little further, plank on the six, 10 8-count manmakers

mosey a little further, plank on the six, 10 8-absolutions (go from regular plank to elbow plank, do a plank jack, back to regular plank, do a merkin, repeat 10 times)

mosey to playground – 9 pullups, 1 dip, 8 pullups, 2 dips, etc, till you get to 1 pullup, 9 dips. not gonna lie, this was hard. Yogi gave me some solid assists.

plank line indian run in the field. last guy hurdles everyones legs, gets in plank. hard mode is to do a merkin each time someone jumps over your legs. kept going till we hit the woods.

Back to front parking lot. divided into 2 groups and did windsprints, hard.



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