Who has the Q?

5 pax posted in the cold but refreshing gloom to get in the work.

But who has the Q? An all-important question. The rundown – D2 originally signed up to lead yesterday early afternoon. But then out of nowhere, Blackberry posted about how awesome the Q he had planned for Ironman would be. D2 had been bounced. That night however Blackberry posted that he would be unable to make the workout. D2’s chance to take back the Q! He wasn’t quick enough and Loveseat jumped all over it! Fast forward to this morning and 5 pax are ready to work but no loveseat there to lead (fartsacked). All roads now lead back to D2 and he was once again the Q!



  • Arm Cirlcles
  • Neck rotations
  • Leg swings
  • Squats
  • wonderbra

The Workout

I had my balls with me this morning. Slam balls of course. A 20lb, 35lb, and 50lb.

Jog 1 portico lap then do 1 burpee ball slam (pick the ball most appropriate for you)

Jog another lap then do 2 burpee balls slams.

Jog another lap then do 3 burpee balls slams. After the 3 slams, you advance to the cones.

But only the first cone this time. 5 hand-release merkins. Then back to another set of 3 laps with slams. The complete cones 1 and 2.

Repeat this process. Laps and slams then cones 1, 2, and 3.

More laps and slams. Then cones 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The 4 cones.

  • Cone 1 – 5 hand relase merkins
  • Cone 2- 10 squats
  • Cone 3- 15 overhead claps
  • Cone 4 – 20 core exercise of your choice

After the main workout, we moved on to some core conditioning. Standing mostly shoulder to shoulder we passed the balls back and forth. Keeping the core engaged. Starting with the 20lb ball and moving up in weight after a few rounds.

Fished the morning with the JANUARY FITNESS CHALLENGE!

1 minute of hand-release merkins and 1 minute of squats.


No new announcements. A few unspoken prayer requests.

No Missed Reps,

Patrick ‘D2’ Jeter


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