Gale Force Winds

The wind was howling this morning. Four men met in the gloom, three of them on time. YHC was frantically searching my house for my truck keys at 5:25. But when I tore into the parking lot only 3 minutes late, I found three pax warmed up and ready to rock.

warmup – don quixotes, finkly kicks, michael phelps
the Thang – four corners around the AO. 15 reps at each corner. plank on the six.

round 1 – dry docks, jump squats, dips, crunchy frogs

round 2 – wide grip merkins, stepups (both legs as one rep), dips, big boy situps

round 3 – close grip merkins, monkey humpers, dips, 4 count flutter kicks

round 4 – pullups, walking lunge with a hop, absolutions, burpees

COT – Earhart bestowed the belt to Blackberry for “exemplifying the type of family man that F3 is all about”. He shows a lot of care and concern for his parents, and leads his family well. Last week they hiked Mt. Pisgah in NC, “their highest elevation as a family”.

Prayer for those with covid like blackberry’s M, praise for the awesome power of our creator on display in the wind whipping up the water and bringing down limbs.


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