365 2021

5 men met in the gloom this morning to finish the year out strong. We started with disclaimer then onto the warmup.
21 Little baby semicircles21 reverse21 big arm circles21 reverse 21 weed pickers21 finkle kicks 
About halfway through the warmup yogi asked the significance of 21. Explained that this is the last workout of 2021. Everyone had a light bulb moment. After the warmup we moseyed up Frederica to the other side of OPES. 
The Thang:Run one pole and back. Then run two poles down and back, then three poles down and back. All the way to 21 poles and back. Each time completing the following:
3 burpees6 big boy sit ups5 squats
Loveseat mentioned that it was similar to 2021, thought it wouldn’t be that bad, but kinda sucked. 
We slowseyed over the playground where we each did 21 pull-ups and 21 box jumps OYO with some mumble chatter. 
Mosey back to the finish where Loveseat kept me on track and closed us out in prayer. Prayer requests for Yogi’s son Scuba Steve who is waiting for surgery on his broken elbow. Continued prayer for Loveseat’s daughter Valeria. 
In attendance: Mr. Brady, Loveseat, Yogi, Earhart


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