Everything is hard until you do something harder

Opportunities abound in a burpicide beatdown.

Warm-0-rama: Runner’s stretch, quad stretch, arm circles (OYO)

4 rounds of burpicides: start at Brogens, sprint to little playground 1 burpee, sprint to big playground, 2 burpees. Rinse and repeat but increasing each burpee rep by 100% each round.

After each round, we accomplished 1 minute worth of merkins and 1 minute of squats (max reps).

COT: prayers for Lucien (broken arm, spirit), D2’s family travels, all those on the DL

Nakedman Moleskin: “Everything is hard until you do something harder.” That was what a friend told me when I asked if a particular class was difficult. It seemed like bad advice or no advice at all. Upon reflection, he was right. I wanted him to say it was easy. For him it may have been. His answer was relative to MY experience in life and not his. For that reason, this Q was designed to make the January fitness challenge hard (by adding burpicides and doing 8 minutes of it). For those in attendance, the daily fitness challenge won’t be as hard as it was today. Keep that in mind when you think about not doing it.


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