Planksgiving Leftovers

“A little extra sleep” is something I’ve been telling myself a lot, lately. I’m not sure why, but I was unusually restless at 4am. After tossing around for a minute or two I turned off my 5am alarm. I tried to find comfort in my nice, warm fartsack, but just couldn’t. That said, I did as promised and made my way to Iron Man to get the blood flowing.

The Thang:

Warmup in plank position. Exercises consisted of Peter Parkers, Plank jacks, Parker Peters, arm circles, SSH, Carolina dry docks.

We then walked using the 4 (rounded) corners of the parking lot as workout stations doing merkins, curls, overhead presses, triceps extensions, squats, thrusters, upright and bent over rows, etc.

Then back to start-ex for 10 minutes of yoga poses and stretches.

Closed in COT.

Naked man moleskin: I’m inspired by our more senior members, Huey Louie, War Chicken and Mr. Brady. When I was younger, I abused my body by doing a lot of things that have come back to bite me in my middle age. I’m still at that point in life that I have trouble comprehending “modify as necessary” and feel the effects of pushing myself, particularly during a fast paced workout. I try to make exercise a routine to some extent. Even when I’m not doing F3, I try to get up 3-4 mornings a week and do 10-25 minutes of exercises in my garage at a pretty intense pace. Getting out and at least trying to get a little DRP on a more regular basis is something that we can all use.


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