Stolen Clothes

It was a perfect morning for a beatdown if you layered up. The downside is our outer layers were jacked by an unknown perp.

Warm-o-rama: OYO runner’s stretch and arm circles. 10 SSH.

The Thang: YHC placed approximately 13 glowsticks along the sidewalk of “The Lighthouse Loop” (from flag, around lighthouse museum, then back to the flag cutting through the live oak area). At each glowstick, PAX performed: RD1: 1 burpee; RD2: 2 Squats; RD 3: 3 Merkins. The PAX alternated the run between the glowsticks–sprinting, then jogging. 5 minutes of Mary led by the group.

COT: Prayers for Valeria’s first day of school, Loveseat’s M for relaxation, seasonal travel mercies, prayers for local mission-focused/great-commission-focused gathering; prayers for us to have our wonder restored as we participate in the advent period.

Naked man moleskin: I apologize to the PAX for getting their clothes stolen. I shed my outer layer first and tossed it on the sidewalk–others followed. After we returned from a lap around Lighthouse Loop, it was all gone. We can only hope it was to someone in need of some good gear.


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