7 men met in the gloom this morning to get pumped and get warm. We abandoned our normal spot under the lights and headed to the covered patio.

warmup – michael phelps, finkle kicks, bat wings, weed pickers, tempo squats

the thang – this turned out harder than I thought. We basically did the famous Heehaw Smokehouse and then cycled through it five times, with each exercise cycling through the different reps. So for instance:

traditional smokehouse – 5 decline merkins, 10 regular merkins, 15 incline merkins, 20 dips, 25 LBCs

Round 2 – 10 decline, 15 regular, 20 decline, 25 dips, 5 LBCs

Round 3 – 15 decline, 20 regular, 25 incline, 5 dips, 10 LBCs

and so forth for 2 more rounds.

we split up some of the rounds with squats and barishnikof squats and side lunges and monkey humpers.

then we did a little dora – 50 dry docks, 100 jump squats, 150 WWI situps.

Announcement and COT – we’re playing flag football on Thursday morning at 7 at Frederica park.

Naked man moleskin

Butterfinger’s son, Touche, visited from Atlanta – glad to have him this morning. Also, I think there was consensus that Butterfinger’s nickname is even better if you pronounce it ”Buttafinga”.


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