Stirring the Coals

11.11.21 Veterans Day

Spirits were amiable this morning as 9 PAX assembled in the gloom to link shields and train. After greetings, salutations, and general pleasantries were exchanged, we got down to the business of training our minds and bodies.

As I alluded to yesterday, this session came in three parts.

Phase I: Stirring Coals

I think it is vital that there be an intentional warm-up for 2 reasons: 1. Injury prevention 2. Maximization of results. Here is where we spent some time getting warm and loose.

Neck rolls 10x/direction

Shoulder rolls 10x/direction

Increasing arm circles 10x/direction

4-count overhead reach/press 10x

Side bend/Hip Rotations 10x/direction

4-count Imperial Walkers 10×2

4-count HeeHaws 10×2

4-count Weed Pickers 10x

4-count Windmills 10x

4-count Bent-over Rotations 10x

4-count Butt-kickers 10x

Air Squat 15

4-count Reverse Lunge

Phase II: Fanning the Flames

Now that we have transitioned from cool to warm, it is time to increase airflow to go from warm to hot. This is a complex of 6 moves, done to a 5-Mississippi or 5 reps. The whole complex is to be repeated 5x.

Walk Out Plank, hold

Up Dog, hold

Slow Merkin 5x

“Plank-nasties”, hold 5-count/side (@loveseat pointed out that these are probably called “Bird Dogs”, but after a brief discussion, my name stuck.)

Down Dog, hold

Carolina Dry Docks, 5x


Now with heat built and sufficient airflow established, we moved to Part 3.

Phase III: Forging the Mettle

Today was focused on balance and stability, which come from our legs and our core. I prefer the term loins for this application, though. It is a masculine term that I hope to resurrect from the grasp of antiquity. We, as men, need to retain these things from those who would try to neuter our species. May they never succeed.

4-count Curtsey Squat 10x

(My favorite) Monkey Humpers 10x

Jump Squat 10x

4-count Cossak Squat 10x

Monkey Humper 10x

Jump Squat 10x

Curtsey Squat 10x

Monkey Humper 10x

Jump Squat 10x

Core Complex: This is another 5×5 complex. 6 movements for 5 reps for 5 circuits, nonstop. When finished with the last thrust kick, the BB situps commence.

Big Boy situp

Baby crunch

4-count crunch w/knee tuck

4-count Alt. Knee to elbow

4-count flutter kick

4-count thrust kick

I could see steam rising off all who put in the work this morning. Mission accomplished. It is my honor to train with you guys.

Thank you and stay vigilant.

To our Vets: Respect

1 Peter 1:13

Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the Grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.


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