Rainy Day, Missing Siri

I woke up Saturday Morning and let out my dogs in the cold rain and thought, “Oh man, I gotta make Siri’s workout this morning.” So I manned up and headed to the AO.

When I got there I checked slack and saw that Siri had bailed – something came up at 11:46 the night before. I figured it was something serious – late night children issues, a sudden illness, or 3 or 4 glasses of bourbon. So I took the imprompt-q.

I wanted to keep us dry, so we kept to the sunken living room.

the thang

warmup – ssh, michael phelps, toy soldiers, don quixotes, tempo merkins, tempo squats

dora – 150 dry docks, 200 sumo squats, 250 LBCs, while partner runs to the end of the covered walkway

Evolution 2 – bear crawl across the sunken living room, stopping at every brick area and doing 3 merkins, then repeat with lunges and bonnie blairs, crab walk and pickle pounders, and then bear crawl and merkins again

dora 2 – 50 burpees, 100 jump squats, 100 crunchy frogs

Smokehouse – 5 decline, 10 regular merkins, 15 incline, 20 dips, 25 LBCs

25 mire burpees

COT – lots of prayer requests – Footloose’s M’s medical prayers, earhart’s wife graduation and other things going on in her life, prayer for the family of a highschooler after a tragedy.

naked man moleskin:

I was very glad to see yall in the cold and wet gloom. All 5 of us made coffeeteria. Glad to share the good and hard things in yall’s lives, and vice versa. Iron sharpens iron.


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