the donkey show

So full admission, I forgot I had the Q. We are standing in our circle and Mr. Brady is briefing us on the upcoming Georgia Color Meet going on and I am looking around for D2 when I finally look at my watch and see it is kick off time. I ask who is running this donkey show and everyone is looking at me like I should know, because it’s me! So, after blushing I took charge.

Warm up LBAC, weedpicker, merkins, squats. Mosey a few times around lot then to the playground for da thang.

Starting at the top of the center pavement in the back between the playgrounds, I gave a movement to get to the other end (mosey, shuffle, karaoke, bear crawl, crawl bear), then mosey back up, followed by a ladder of 1 pull up (because I love pull ups), 1 dip, 1 step up. Back to start point hold plank for 6. Then 1 merkin. We laddered that up to 7 of each.

After ladder, we did an obstacle course over the playground, little did the group know we would be doing a tough mudder this am!

Back to lot lined up at first cone. Got in two rows (oh, wait, I used the wrong terminology, I meant two columns), thanks Blackberry! Paired off with someone you think you can beat in a race. Sprint to other end. Cowtipper gave me a run for my money!

Stretches to close out.

Of note, Huey Louie is starting a knife sharpening business “The Sharp Guy” and guarantees your knife will be “sharp enough to shave hair”. Right now, Saturday being your last chance, he is sharpening knives for his F3 brethern for free. After that you gotta pay the man.

Thank you Huey Louie (War Daddy, Respect), Mr. Brady (Respect), Blackberry (Respect), Special Guest Guinness from Charlotte who is Irish and doesn’t drink Guinness (Respect), Butterfinger (Respect), Heartbreaker, Cowtipper, Mall Cop, and that kid, forget his name, oh yeah, Alzheimer (War Baby).


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