Mumblechatter C -B.O.M.B.S Part II

There was no Q for the morning but seven pax showed up to strengthen their minds and bodies so we winged it. Fresh off yesterday’s workout I thought we could modify it a bit and it would work for today. After a warm up of arm circles, tempo squats, and weed pickers we got right to the workout.

Each pax was assigned an exercise, would start and would end their exercise when they were ready. Counting optional. Sequence was Curls, Burpees, Overhead Presses, Merkins, Bent Over Rows and Squats. Between exercises we walked the circle with weights. After the set we moseyed to the signs and back. Second round was dealers choice. Third round we were back to the original set.

Like yesterday there was lots of chatter this morning. Learned lots of interesting things. First, Mrs. Howell’s is substantially longer than Stumpe’s………kayak that is. Lifer introduced us to a new exercise the Monkey Curl.

Prayers for Mrs. Howell’s friend and his sister, Lifer’s son in law’s family, Loveseat.


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