Pitch Till You Win

I wanted to try something this morning to see just how competitive the PAX are. The rain quit just in time for us to warm up and begin our workout under the stars. Started with reps of curls, tri-ext, bent over rows, and overhead presses. Ten of each four count in cadence. Then the challenge. Each of the nine pax would pick an exercise that we would do until you could do not more. When the next to last standing said no mas, a clear victor remained. On to the next person and so on. On some sets we had to call it at 50 reps. Some turned into a race, first person to a certain count. Pretty interesting and impressive. Layer Cake put on quite a show and Mr. Brady dominated the Monkey Humpers. After one round of this we did another round of weight training, then another round of challenges. We did merkins twice, burpees, scissor kicks, and a variety of others. Around 20 before the dust settled. Towards the end of round two, Love Seat, clearly frustrated being the youngest pax by ten years, did a PSA on “in cadence”.

Prayers for Love Seat’s travels to Columbia, War Chicken’s friend’s daughter who is struggling with COVID, and the Varnadoe family. Where are you young guys? War baby was 40 this morning and everyone else was over fifty.


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