An Ode to a Stein

10 pax gathered in the gloom to commemorate a feat that will live on in our collective memories for a generation or more. YHC was blessed with the strength and fortitude to earn first runner up in the inaugural stein holding contest at the Oktoberfest in downtown Brunswick. Two other pax participated and fought the good fight against their steins – we remembered the courage and strength of D2 and Two Buck, who fought valiantly in the competition but were ultimately vanquished, succumbing even to the lure of the fartsack.

We warmed up in a circle – batwings sequence, rocking chair, don quixotes, then a mosey to the front sign of the school.

The thang

I discovered an exercise sequence in the exicon called the Steinl. We did half at the beginning and then circled back to it at the end of the workout to finish up.

The Steinl – Hold plank for 30 secs, then lower to forearm plank for 30 secs. Then 10 merkins OYO. Then peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter with one leg. Should be outside elbow, then chest, then opposite elbow. 10 IC. Then 10 merkins OYO. Return to plank and repeat. Flap jack with the PP’s. Finish with merkins to complete 1 set.

We moseyed back to the school and got partners and did the following sequence of exercises. 80 of each as a team in recognition of the 8 men I bested in the stein holding competion. One guy does the work, the other moseys down to the flags.

S – squats

T – Turkish getups

E – Elbow plank (each partner holds once)

I – Incline merkins

N – nose to knees

Finished with the other half of the Steinl.

COT – prayers for Jared Van’s dad, and others.

Naked Man Moleskin

Enjoyed it this morning fellas. We got some more good learnings about the moon from Blackberry during the Turkish getups. Who knew that the shadows on the moon are largely made by the moon itself and not by the Earth except for a lunar eclipse? I didn’t!


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