7 MEN joined D2 this beautiful morning to play on the beach

Opened up the morning with the disclaimer followed up with a warm up that consisted of:

Arm Circles, Neck rotations, overhead claps, squats, peter parkers, parker peters, merkins and some yoga (up and down dogs)

Secure the flags then mosey to the beach. Plant flags 20 yards apart and continue to prime the body for the the real work to come.

The advanced warm up was as follows (preformed between the flags):

Lateral shuffles, butt kickers, high knees, skipping, bear crawl, crawl bears, a few more merkins and a few hard jogs.

Secure the flags and continue to mosey down the beach until we reach our destination.

Plant flags about 30 yards apart. Open the ruck and break out the sandbags. 60 seconds to fill the bags with sand. It was close but the timehack was achieved.

Line the bags along the first flag.

Series #1

Run to the other flag and back then do 1 thruster, repeating to 5 thrusters and finishing with a run.

10 four count flutter kicks, 10 hand release merkins

Series #2

Run to the other flag and back then do 1 burpee to overhead, repeating to 5 and finishing with a run.

20 four count flutter kicks, 10 hand release merkins.

Series #3

5 rounds of – Bear Crawl to the other flag, run back, 10 overhead presses. LoveSeat knock this one out of the ball pall! Finished well ahead of everyone after I may or may not have assumed he would not be the first to finish. Well done good sir.

Series #4

The murder bunny burpee partner challenge.

Partner up. We had 4 teams of 2. Perfect because I only had 4 sandbags. Each team gets a sandbag.

1 partner murder bunny hops with the bag to the flag and then carries it back and then the partners switch. The partner not hopping is busting out burpees and the burpees are kept account of.

The team that finished the fastest and has a respectable number of burpees completed would be declared the winner. Meaning that you could be first to finish with the murder bunny but if you did not bust out them burpees your team could still lose. Each parter did 2 down and backs with the bunny bags.

This is much harder than expected and I am very glad I did not have us do any more than 2 each.

The teams and results.

Loveseat and D2 – First to finish and 47 burpees.

Uptown and Footloose – Second to finish with 39 burpees.

Earhart and Heartbreaker – Third to finish with 53 burpees.

Blackberry and Siri – Fourth to finish with 37 burpees.

We called it a TIE between (loveseat/D2 and Earhart/Heartbreaker).


Secured the flags and sandbags (still full) mosey down the beach until we hit water and exit by way of the steps. Dump sand before leaving the beach. Mosey back to in front of the cars. Plant flags. COT


Oktoberfest TODAY 1pm – 10pm at Silver Bluff!

Mellow Mushroom tomorrow 4pm to watch the Tampa Bay Bucs!

Manna House next Saturday

Stay Ready

Patrick ‘D2’ Jeter


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