Jailbreak Dancing

Hot and steamy…late into september. the moon in full view and the tide high with fury.

Warmup – weedpickers IC x7.

Next we moseyed to find a rock from the pile protecting us from the violent waters in the saint simons sound. Loveseat proceeded to explain to the PAX while the rocks were delivered, and how many streets and houses have been eaten by the majestic tides that rise and fall across the saint simons shoreline.

Finding a rock proved to be the most challenging part of the workout, almost. Sandwiched in-between 500 pound boulders we all eventually found our rocks. My rock was unlike any other rock. It had an anvil shape which proved perfect for gripping and pressing overhead. Was it skill or providence that lead me to this rock? I may never know, but the time spent with her will not soon be forgotten.

For the morning’s workout we followed a very predictable pattern of exercises, accompanied by the most random grouping of songs known to man. The trusty boom box blasted the tunes for the PAX to enjoy (or tolerate) and we all went to work.

10 Pull-ups

20 Overhead Presses (using rock)

30 Merkins

40 Alternating Lounges (single count)

50 Plank Jax (single count)

Run to Barbara Jeans, Repeat.

On multiple occasions I found the pax [unknowingly] dancing. During a lovely rendition of ‘black widow, ft Iggy Azalea,’ butterfinger was seen doing his best nicki minaj impression during his 50 plank jax. Also, during ‘I will wait by Mumford and Sons,’ the three legends of the pax decided coordinate their best K-Pop dance off while completing their alternating lounges. That, my friends, was a sight to see.

As you can all tell, this was a workout that brought out the best in us all. I feel sad for those who missed out on such a glorious morning of stories, dancing, music, laughter, a few tears, and exercise.

COT, Prayers.

IN attendance: Loveseat, Butterfinger, Mr. Brady, Huey Louie, WarChicken, Cheeese, and YHC.



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