Iron Man 09/21/2021

Eight Reasons to Love the Constitution

Eight Reasons to Love the Constitution

Five constitutional “scholars” met in the gloom and highs humidity at Community Church. ButterFinger, Huey Louie, LoveSeat, and Lifer showed up. Warm ups were weed pickers, various arm circles with the Q adding a new warm up called the shower curtain hanger. We did eigHt different exercises, each themed on why we like the constitution, as described above. Multiples or divisors of 8 reps were used for squat thrusters, bend over rows, tricep extensions, curls for the girls, thrusters, etc… We sprinted between each set with each of us getting to be the rabbit. Huey Louie won the Belt because he cleverly beat everyone, including war baby. Everyone enjoyed the spectacle.

1. First, it is uniquely American. Before the Articles of Confederation in 1777, few, if any, countries on earth had written constitutions that were actually binding on the people who ruled them, much less one ratified by the people.

2. Second, it is democratic. The nation’s elite met in secret to write it — but they then went to the people and asked them to ratify it. Twenty-seven changes since then have been made that way:

3. Third, it is conservative. mean that the very act of writing down the rules the people made as written law, and deciding that those rules must stay that way forever until the people change them,

4. Fourth, it mistrusts power. Power is divided horizontally, between the three branches of government, and vertically, between federal and state authority.

5. Fifth, it is deliberative. Fifth, it is deliberative. The division of power and the staggered forms of election by different electorates means that it takes time and effort to activate the machinery of power, and requires the buy-in of a vast number of people.

6. Sixth, it is federalist. It leaves room for different states to go different ways.

7. Seventh, it is liberal, in the classical sense. that the protection of liberty and justice for all the people on an equal basis — and the existence of a battery of individual liberties — is fundamental to a legitimate government.

8. Eighth, it is practical – the men who made it did not start from the idea of constructing an ideal union, but rather a workable one

1787 – 234 years


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