9/11 Tour de Village

8 PAX arrived in the gloom for yet another 9/11 themed beatdown. The weather was remarkable, and the early mumblechatter centered on the documentaries produced by MARVEL. We were primed and ready to run.

Dodgeball, Loveseat, War Chicken, Mr. Brady, Huey Luey, Butterfinger, Uptown Girl, Earhart

WARM-O-RAMA: 6 large arm circles forward, 6 large arm circles backward, 8 weed pickers, Michael Phelps OYO.

War Chicken arrived wondering what happened to the warm up.

THE THANG 1: We ran a lap on the sidewalk around the lighthouse and back to the flag (area) on Beachview. We stopped at each trash can (and recycle cans) and performed 9 merkins and 11 squats. Upon arriving back at the starting point–20 burpees.

THE THANG 2: Rinse and repeat THANG 1 except we did 9 LBCs and 11 two-count mountain climbers. About 1/3 of the way through we modified to complete the lap back to the flags.

COT: Prayers for wisdom/discernment/blessings for F3 SSI. Prayers for UPTOWN’s mother and Loveseat’s adoption. Prayers for unity in Christ!


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