Not even Tropical Storm Mindy could stop 12 HIMs from the 5:30am Renegade workout. Started with a warm up of LBAC, weed pickers, down/up dog, etc.

Slowesy to playground for da thang:

Starting at the top of the center pavement, we had three distances by age, under 50 go the whole length, 50s a little shorter, 60+ had shortest leg. Different movements to end to include side shuffle, karaoke, crab walk, bear crawl, etc. Back at top we did a ladder of 1 to 5 first with pullups/dips then with merkins/squats. After each iteration we waited for the 6 then did a 10 count exercise.

Slowesy back to flags, then played a few rounds of ducky/goosey. Mr. Brady earned a new nickname for his cheating, yet winning strategy. He was being chased by D2, then suddenly cut through the center, avoiding the tag. Now I will refer to him as Shortcut Brady.

Close out, D2 mentioned a Manna House opportunity this coming Sunday.

Happy 75th Birthday to Huey Lewy, thanks to Shortcut Brady for bringing brownies and a candle.

Shortcut Brady gave good news with a sick family member making a recovery.

Woz closed out with a prayer.

In attendance: Huey Lewy (War Daddy), Shortcut Brady (Respect), Warchicken (Respect), Butterfinger (Respect), Blackberry (Respect), Loveseat, Heartbreaker, Cheeese, Woz, Mallcop, Yogi Bear, D2 (War Baby)


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