Having been somewhat absent from F3 for a while, I decided to poke my head in to say hello this morning. What better way to do that than by signing up to Q, right?

I signed up to do 25 burpees a day during August and what better way to wrap things up than to share the love? So, I decided to introduce a few exercises that I have been putting myself through for the past several months and added a few things I haven’t done in a while.

The beatdown goes a follows:

Warmup- SSH, LBAC, seal clap, overhead clap, Don Quixote (with iron cross)

Overhead carry, iso shoulder press, jumping air squat.

Shoulder carry, inchworm, broad jump, scissor lunge, iso row.

Front carry, long jump, side bear crawl, LBCs, long jump, iso curl, iso OH triceps extensions, clerkins, plank, iso merkin.

Farmer carry, good morning/straight leg deadlift, 25 burpees, Justice League.

COT-announcements, close in prayer for our country, storm recovery from Ida, and Mrs Howell’s friend dealing with Covid.

Naked man moleskin-It was good to be back. Even though my Covid symptoms were pretty mild, I’ve had a lot of leg cramps and headaches over the past couple of weeks and am dealing with some rotator cuff issues in my right shoulder. We had 2 Pax over 70 (legend) and all but one 50 and over (respect) and our war baby is 40. I was inspired to participate more in the future. Getting old sucks and I’m paying for playing hard in my youth (I could go on all day listing sports injuries). I need to remind myself regularly that I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s anymore, and that I can modify the exercises. The saying goes that the leading cause of injury to old men is not remembering they’re not young men.


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