13 HIMS gathered in the gloom to improve their bodies and spirits. Warm up of LBC, weed pickers, SSH, and planks.

Mr. Brady and Warchicken were selected as team captains. They picked teams for the upcoming challenge.

Facing 2 big tires on the drop off lanes, goal was to team flip your team tire first to the other end. After each flip the flipper had to do a burpee. Team that lost had to do 10 merkins OYO.

Phase 2, winning team dragged the truck tire around the lot while the other team did continual loops of walk out merkins, squat/sprawls, and sit up to your feet. When team with tire got back around teams switched.

Got in 4 rounds of tire flips, 3 rounds of tire drags.

Announcements, belt succeeded to Warchicken by Loveseat for his awesome Q earlier in the week. Manna house Labor Day weekend.

Prayers for Afghanistan, and people suffering from COVID. Mr. BRADY closed out in prayer.

Thanks to everyone helping me load tires in my trailer and to Heartbreaker and Mallcop for coming to my house to put it away.

In attendance: Mr. Brady (War Legend, War Daddy, Respect), Warchicken (War Legend, Respect), Blackberry (Respect), Heartbreaker, Cheeeese, Siri, D2, Earhart, Mallcop, Stumpe, Loveseat, Dodgeball, and Yogi Bear.


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