JailBrake 08/23/2021

SailorsWarning attended by Huey Louie – WarDaddy and Legend, Cheese – WarBaby, WarChicken – Honor, FidgetSpinner – Respect, Butterfinger – Respect, Earhart, and LoveSeat who has the flags. We met just after high tide and warmed up and moseyed around the pier. Thinking of the sea creatures we gave respect to the plastic dolphin with 20 jump shots to pickup the trash and 20 dry docks to make sure the dolphins don’t get beached, honor to sea turtles with 20 Peter Parker’s to help the babies run to the sea and 20 more for each turtle in the pod, honor to the shark with 20 butt slaps and 20 head slaps. In between all this 28 burpees were done while straightening out the chairs, we checked our chair work with random exercises based on Q’s choice. We almost finished early but someone reminded the Q that they didn’t get up early to stop early so we did suicides and then cooled down appropriately..


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