The Inchworm

The goal lately has been to find workouts that can be as incredibly tough as possible, but also one’s where no one gets left behind. Today was mostly a running workout with a few exercises mixed in to give those of us non-runners a chance to catch our breath.

Warmup- LBAC, Jeff Imperial Walkers, Can-Cans.

Workout: 45 second run, then ‘inchworm’ is called and the front of the pack turns around and runs towards the 6. Once the front passes, you also turn around and run to the 6. At the 6 we stopped for an exercise, IC. As we inched to the middle of the Commons we did 8 rounds of legs, then turned back and completed 4 rounds of abs. The last 4 inches had no exercise mixed in because we were a little slower on the return versus the way out.

Great work by our 70yo crowd! Truly a huge encouragement to all of us each morning, and definitely today.

In attendance: WarChicken, Mr. Brady, HueyLouis, Loveseat, Butterfinger, Siri, Heartbreaker, D2, Yogi, Earhart, and YHC.


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