_____ crawl

This morning I put together a workout that would make Gene Simmons (and heehaw) proud. It was beautiful, it was incredible, so simple, yet so painful.

warmup. Lbac medley, don quixote, quad stretch.

workout: from plank position, crawl with your weights about 20-30 yards, then flip to your six, and 20 abs, IC. Repeat for 40 minutes. Finish with 5 min of Mary.

All of this was accomplished with the help of the trusty monster book box. I’m telling you guys, I try not to leave home without it. You never know when you will need a tune to carry you through a tough spot in life.

in attendance: mr Brady, Huey Louis, cluck, d2, blackberry, mrs Howell, yhc. We also welcomed a FNG: stogie.



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