Hops and Ladders

Hops and Ladders – 2021.08.09

Coming in HOT, I was ready to go.  Q planned.  Weinke in hand.  PAX gathered at flags…well, flag location as neither flag was present!



Let’s go

Warm up:

Mosey to pier for the view, the breeze, and the rotten fish smell

Stretching on your own; Michael Phelps, arm danglers, arm circles in cadance

10 Tappy Taps

10 Finkle kicks

Motivators…I don’t want tot talk about it….


5 sets of a ladder exercise, SSH in cadence, and then a mosey

Ladder 1: MErkin, BBS, Squat – 1 of each, then 2 of each, up to 10 of each

5 SSH in cadence – mosey to terrace entry of pier

Ladder 2: Am Hammers, shoulder taps, Plank Jax – 1of each, then 2, up to 10 of each

10 SSH in cadence – mosey around pier back to covered bench area

Ladder 3: dips, decline merkins, fluuter kicks – 1 of each, then 2 of each, up to 10 of each

15 SSH in cadence – mosey back to “nicer” end of pier (facing lighthouse)

Ladder 4: repeat Am Hammers, shoulder taps, Plank Jax

Mosey to “flags

Ladder 5: in CAdance – 10 merkins on count.  10 BBS on count.  10 4 ct squats

25 SSH in cadance

Naked Moleskin:

Another full spectrum represented in age; 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s 70’s.  F3 – Free for ALL Men.


Prayers  Huge thanks for praying over my dad on Sat after the beatdown.  He greatly appreciated it.

Thank you guys for the morning chatter, the hard work, and the comradery only the GLOOM can bring!

Butterfinger, War Chicken, Dodgeball, Cheeese, Fidget Spinner, Huey Louie, Mr. Brady, Jake from Statefarm, Fido, Blackberry and Siri

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI


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