To Build a House

To Build a House  2021.08.05

With a text from our previous, previous, maybe previous Nantan Cowtipper asking if I could Q at this week’s Renegade, I had the motivation now to set the alarm, pause on my early morning sketching, and Q Renegade.

I like to personalize my workouts so being knee-deep in the construction of our new home, immediately I had thoughts on the process design-to-build a custom home. And thus, a workout was formed:

THE THANG: To Build a House:

Design:                Welcome, Intro, Disclaimer…and remember it’s NEVER the Architect’s fault!

Budget:               Warm up : Stretches, Tappy Taps, Finckel kicks, SSH

Pre construction/site:    Mosey aroundparking lot “looking” for a suitable homesite

Foundation:       “Build”a good foundation. Rep-up exercise: 1 BBS, 1 Merkin, 1 Squat; 2 BBS, 2 MErkin, 2 squat up to 10 BBS, 10 merkins, 10 Squat

Framming:          nothing fancy, just “F” exercises: 25 Flutter kicks, 25 FRankensteins, 25 Freddy Mercureys.

Rough-ins:          this stage can always seem a bit chaotic with multiple subs running around and ontop of each other: short sprint with a Pax calling out an exercise (10 reps) D2 started us off withappropriate finger-taps (cause its an expensive house), plank opposite arm/leg raises, 10 burpees per war chicken, and

Waterproofing:                The most important aspect of the entire build. So we had to do the most comprehensive exercise… the Bear crawl.  You had a choice, like in home building,  there’s good, better, best in waterproofing so the bearcrawl had options.  Everyone suffered through the best bear crawl of which was to crawl around the grassy island in the parking lot.  A few pauses but we made it.

Finishes:              Time to show off our “best” side : in cadence 10 Monkey Humpers, 10 Pickle Pounders, 10 Flutter Rosalitas, and 10 plank jacks

Punch-out:         Let’s mosey around the place and “find” those issues; a stop for 10 BBS,  another for 10 MErkins, then 10squats and finally 10 Am hammers.         

CO:                       “Hallelujah” we passed final inspections – 5 Burppee with a strong two-hands in the air celebration.

BBQ w/ Friends:  Time to enjoy the completed project aka… COT

Naked Moleskin:

A CORE F3 principal was represented this morning.  Free to ALL MEN!  We had men age at 30’s, 40’s, 50’s,60’s and 70!  No excuses fellas.  Be intentional.  Make the effort.  Better yourself, your life, your family. 


Prayers: The Goehring’s have a lot going on.  Loveseat’s tweaked back and adoption.  School teachers everywhere.

Thank you guys for the morning chatter, the hard work, and the comradery only the GLOOM can bring!

30’s D2 , Dodgeball and Cheese

40’s Heart breaker and Siri

50’s Blackberry

60’s War chicken

70’s Huey Luey and Mr Brady

(ps, I think I have your age bracket correct)

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI


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