Muggy – yep, just Muggy

11 guys showed up to take the DRP. Nice set of warm ups. 15 of everything (Happy 15th b-day @Tebow). Then we got to the thang.

3 Doras – 2 Mary’s in between.

Dora 1 – Merkins, Big Boys & Squats

Dora 2 – Carolina Dry Docks, Russian Twists, Alternating Lunge

Dora 3 – Alternating Shoulder taps, Flutter Kicks, Monkee Humpers

The marys were 10 exercises, each lasting about 30 seconds. Think Tabata without the clock.

Finished up with some good stretching and a little flatulence.

COT – Praise report from Loveseat, prayers for all the guys in the Commons who didn’t make it to their backyard workout, river trip next Thursday for happy Hour and thanks to God for a beautiful (did you see that sky) morning, albeit it was a bit muggy.


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