The Little Mermaid

14 men earned their daily red pill this morning! The weather was great and a little bit of rain was a welcome relief.

After the disclaimer we did a big warm up to get the body primed for the Little Mermaid Beat Down. Arm Circles, over head claps, mosey, squats, lateral shuffles, skipping, butt kickers, merkins, peter parkers, mosey, etc.

The workout! The girls are on a little mermaid kick and we were watching it last night when I noticed that there was not a Q. So I decided to take action and prepare a themed workout.

You might think the theme of the little mermaid is true love, but I would argue that Ariel fell for Eric because he never skipped leg day! And this morning we put the legs and lungs to WORK.

Spelling out Ariel and Ursula (don’t know the characters? Go back and watch the movie. It is really good!) We did a leg workout based on each letter of the names.


A – Air Squats
R – Real Deep Squats and Really Big Jumps
I – I don’t remember lets do more squats
E – Elevators (A squat and the depth is based on the floor number)
L – Lunges

U – Up Up Down Down
R – Rebounds
S – Sumo Squat Pulse
U – Up Up Down Down
L – Lunges
A – All out Line Drill

Reps for each varied. No less than 10.

COT. Announcements. Prayer Requests.

Huey Louie’s sailing adventure is going good.

Be a Disciple of Discipline,

Patrick ‘D2’ Jeter


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