Murder Hornet

15 PAX climbed out of bed before the sun came up to take the DRP

The Thang


Forward mosey/backwards mosey around the parking lot


  • plank/six inches
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • tempo merkin x 10
  • sumo jump squat x 15 OYO
  • rosalitas x 15
  • dollys x 15

Around the lot with weight overhead

Murder Hornet (from Iron Pax 2019)
  • Murder bunny for 10 yards
  • 10 man makers with coupon
  • 10 big boy sit-ups with coupon
  • 10 lunges with coupon
  • Rinse and repeat 2x

Wind sprints through four cones

10 man makers when you’re done

Around the lot carrying weight


  • flutters x 20
  • rosalitas x 15
  • dollys x 15
  • protractor
  • oblique crunches x 10 each side

AYG around the lot


Naked Man Moleskin

Kotters to Snowball. Good to see you back. You don’t need the reminder but take it slow and easy

Great to see Rosie posting again. He’s one of the original four for F3 St Simons back in summer of 2015.

Kudos to D2 who put in extra work, getting out there at 5 AM and doing his own beatdown for 30 min prior to the group. STRONG

Welcome back to Tool Time. Hope you’ll continue to be a regular at F3.

I’ve said this before but I love that our ages span 25 to 74 at any given workout.

Announcements and Prayer Requests

Books study continues next Tuesday @ Sandy Bottom Bagels at 8 AM. Studying Freed to Lead. Free on Amazon Kindle

Q3 starts today. New AOQs are:

  • Monday – Blackberry
  • Tuesday – Dodgeball
  • Thursday – Cow Tipper
  • Saturday – D2

You might be hearing from these guys as they work to fill the Q calendar for the quarter…

Loveseat just got word that they’ve been approved to adopt a girl from Columbia. Still more steps involved but some major hurdles crossed. Should be bringing her home in August or September

Great work everyone. Have a great Thursday.

-Cow Tipper


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