A cool dozen pax met in the gloom this morning to start the week right and slay the proverbial dragon. We welcomed visitors Lex Luther and Snowflake and gave a short explanation on why we plank on the six – we want everyone to work hard together. The pax that are leading the way should not get a breather while the six brings up the rear and then heads straight into more work. We all work together to the best of our ability.

warmup: SSH, weedpickers, don quixotes, tempo merkins, tempo squats

The thang:

Basically, we mosey somewhere, do 20 of a merkin varietal, 20 legs, and 20 abs. We did 5 rounds so 100 of each, while running a little over a mile in aggregate (maybe, that’s a guess).

The exercises are as follows:

20 absolutions, 20 Bonnie Blair’s, 20 big boys

20 dry docks, 20 jump squats, 20 crunchy frogs

20 dive bombers, 20 2-count monkey humpers, 20 flutter rosalitas

20 shoulder tap merkins, 20 Bobby hurleys, 20 4-count flutter kicks

20 incline merkins, 20 step ups, 20 dips (just threw these in, why not), 20 big boy sit-ups

COT – no prayer requests today, but announcements – book club starting tomorrow. Reading Freed to Lead starting at 8 at sandy bottom bagels. Freed to Lead is free on kindle at Amazon. Read first 2 chapters or so for tomorrow. Also, Manna House is this Saturday.

Also, was not mentioned today but apparently D2 has been to 9 straight workouts, which is impressive. 11 other guys came out just to witness this streak continue. Keep it up!


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