Impromptu Q

Well there we were, 8 of us chatting away and next thing I see its four past the start time.

No Q in sight I decided to lead. Warm ups and disclaimers and off we went.

4 rounds of progressively longer runs following progressively less reps of hand release push ups, big boy situos, squats and box jumps. Started at 16 of each then run shortest distance, then 12, 8, and 4.

Mosey to playground, line up on center walk way and did 10 rounds of different movements and starting at 1 pull up and 1 dip, then after each round add another up to 10 and 10. Movements included karaoke, wrestling stance, high knee skips, bear crawl, back bearcrawl, crab walk, sprint, lunges.

Back to flags, pledge of allegiance, prayers. Welcome back Rosie and welcome visitors Farmer and Yoshi.


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