Sometimes You Gotta Force It

10 men came together on a beautiful Saturday morning here on SSI. I’ve been having my share of time in the fartsack recently, so showing up for a workout wasn’t in my plans, much less Q’ing it.

But sometimes you gotta force it. That’s what Uptown did a month or two ago. He put me on the calendar as the Q, and sent me a text saying “you’re leading on this Saturday”. Done. Deal. No arguing. Just do it.

When he scheduled me, I felt like it was a lifetime away but the weeks passed quickly and all of a sudden, in the midst of dining on the blue, and sometimes purple pill – it was my time to lead.

Joined me was Hard Drive (visiting from ATL/Canton, GA), Huey Louie, D3, Uptown, War Chicken, Mr. Brady, Yogi, Heartbreaker, and Footloose.

Disclaimer, and a short mosey to the big flag for warmups since Heartbreaker left the flags behind. A few quick warmups and we headed over to the playground for some dora.

Dora #1 – Reps while Partner runs the perimeter of picnic area
50 pullups
100 step-ups
150 bench dips

Dora #2 – same thing with a different parter
trying to explain my way of getting a different partner took 5 more minutes than it should have. Words matter. You had to be there.

Then we did an Indian Jog/Walk/Run or whatever you wanna call it to Half Shell where a big food truck was unloading and providing nauseous diesel fumes. It was wonderful location for Dora #3.

Dora #3 – different partner – easier this time
50 incline merkins
100 squats
150 BBS (big boy situps)

After completion of Dora #3 we headed back to the AOQ. Just before I kicked off the count-o-rama, Hard Drive asked for a time check and Yogi proudly said we had 6 more minutes. So, since Hard Drive had earlier proclaimed it was “Merkin May” … I added 21 more merkins … since the Braves scored 21 points last night.

Announcements & Prayers:
Praying for peace in Israel, Middle-East, Uptown’s Mom, my son.

Coffee at Palm Coast afterwards was a fine time by all.


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