Line Drills

11 men took the Daily Red Pill this beautiful morning. What is the daily red pill you may be thinking? Great Question.

DAILY RED PILL: A Man’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

A Man must choose this this Pill each day over the Blue Pill. Come on D2, what the heck is this Blue Pill? Great Question.

The Blue Pill is the decision to live a life of seeming rather than being. The Blue Pill leads to a Sad Clown Syndrome. D2 are you serious? What the heck is Sad Clown Syndrome?

Sad Clown Syndrome – A man with Decelerating Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. This is not a place you want to find yourself.

Take the Red Pill and put yourself on the path to becoming a HIM. A HIM? What the heck is a HIM? D2 you need to slow your roll.

HIM? High-Impact Man

“But what does that look like day to day? A HIM is Humble – putting others before himself. He has a servant heart that finds joy in seeing others prosper. A HIM Invests in others- he takes the time and gives the attention to detail. He puts something into the cup of others and don’t just take. A HIM is Mentally tough – he overcomes life’s obstacles with grit and grace.” This definition is brought to you by F3 Knoxville member ‘Detention’.

Take the Red Pill.

And now onto Today’s actual backblast!!

D2 always starts with the Disclaimer and a good warm-up! The warm-up was arm circles, imperial walkers, squats, finkle kicks, lateral shuffles, karaoke and a mosey.

The workout:

  • 4 rounds of: 10 arm circles, 5 hand-release merkins, 5 knees to elbows from the plank position, 10 squats, and a line drill.
  • The big finish was 20 burpee step-ups followed by another slightly longer line drill.

Basically the idea behind the workout was to have short periods of high intensity cardio (the line drill) and then a short break filled with a few great exercises (merkins, squats, ect.)

It was hard but it was also fun!

Have a great day!

Patrick ‘D2’ Jeter


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