The Nantan and his Jokes

Siri dropped off the flags this morning on his way out of town, and was kind enough to include a cute note for a backup weinke in case I fartsacked. Unfortunately for the group, I showed up with a previous workout circa 2017. Here’s the thang:

Brief mosey for some warm-up exercises that included SSH, Jeff Imperial Walkers, LBC’s and some Squats. We then mosey’d back to our weights.

Realizing we had an FNG and I had yet to present a Disclaimer, I proceeded to do so, strictly for legality purposes and personal protection. We then initiated the following beatdown:

1 Round of ATM’s in succession: (15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, 10 Tempo Merkins IC, 10 Merkins)

Grab Weights:

Shoulder Press X 10 IC

Ruck Press on your 6 while holding 30″ X 10 IC

Overhead weighted situp x 15 OYO

Tempo Squats X 20 IC

Walking Lunge w/weight overhead (10 each leg, forward and backward, IC)

25 Curls OYO

Eagle Wings X 15 IC

Drop weight, find a wall, find yourself in a deep wall-sit:

Wonder bras, baby arm circles, morroccan night clubs (about 2 min wall-sit)

Grab Weights:

American Hammers X 15 IC

Weighted V-Up’s X 15 OYO

Elf on the Shelf X 10 IC, Each Side (20 total)

Bent Over Rows X 20 IC

25 Curls OYO

Drop Weights, Enter Small Circle:

10 Lunges – Stop – 5 Squats, 5 Merkins — Rinse and Repeat entire circle back to weights – probably about 6 rounds of each

Back to Weights:

10 Minutes of Shoulder Press, Ruck Press from 6, Tempo Squats, Eagle Wings, Curls, Bent Over Rows, Etc..

1 Round of PAX Choice of Exercise, each person presenting an exercise

Finished with 15 Monkey Humpers IC, cause what other exercise can you end a workout with an FNG present.

Everyone put out this morning. We welcomed FNG John Eddie – 29 YO – F3 name ‘Naked and Afraid’ (outdoor/environmental kind of fella, works with SI doing turtle things, from statesboro, previously lived in Alaska, moved here 3 weeks ago) – @Butterfinger says turtles taste like beef.

Prayers for War Chickens friend and Fidget’s son.


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