It’s May – let’s get after it!

Its May 1 – and its a Saturday.  Sailors Warning time.  I love Saturday’s, especially when I have the Q.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on

7:01 (late start) did the disclaimer on the move as we headed to the end of the pier for a little warm up.

SSH, Imperial Walkers, LBAC (fwd and back), tempo squat, weed pickers and back rotations.  Judging by the groans of the PAX, the back rotations were a crowd favorite.

Mozy to the big flag (not the F3 flags that were in Siri trunk at his condo) and time for Dora #1.

50/100/150 – Merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups and Squats.  The lap was around the trees – it was about a mile or so.

Finished that up and it was time for our first Six Minutes of Mary TABATA.  

30 seconds on, 10 seconds of rest/transition and then back at it – 10 rounds.

Lying leg raises, flutter kicks, V sit crunch, low plank jacks, reverse crunches, mountain climbers, alternating leg raises, peter parkers, reverse leg raises and V-sit pulses (the gal in the rocking chair wondered what we were doing when we started the pulses).

Mozy to the beach near the King and Prince.  Time for dora #2

50/100/150 – Carolina Dry Docks, Russian Twists, Alternating Lunges – lap was to coast guard station and back.

Mozy back to the playground.  Time for Dora #3

50/100/150 – Pull Ups, Decline Merks, Bench dips – lap was to the end of the pier and back

Mozy to the lighthouse parking lot where we did Tabata #2 – same program 30 seconds on, 10 off.

High knees, alternating plank, sprawl, toe touches, squat jumps, alternating side planks, alternating lunges, SSH, pickle pounders (for the lady going past), butt kick.

Mozy back to where the F3 flags would be IF they weren’t in Siri’s trunk for a little Yoga stretch and then the COT. We welcomed an FNG today – CatInTheHat aka Moxon Glosson. Befriend him – he is young and in shape.

Naked Man Moleskin – #1, we must have the best AO in the F3 nation, and it was darn near perfect today.  Cool, light breeze, not buggy and low tide.  Even the regulars who visit the pier on Saturday mornings and say hi to us as we pass them make me happy every Saturday.  #2 – a couple of the OG stole the show this morning.  Hee Haw and BM kept us entertained with a constant steam of witticisms and bodily noises as they demonstrated superior athletic ability as partners on each of the Doras.  Only group not to ever switch partners.  I think even Yogi was a bit jealous.  It was great to have them both back together!  Now, where are the rest of you Kotters?

Best Part of Sailors Warning is Coffeeteria


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