Running for Sgt Boehm

9 HIMs gathered to strengthen their bodies and spirits with the Sailors Warning Q. This is my last day gathering miles for Valor for fallen officers.

I told the story of Mike Boehm, a friend of mine who was the kind and caring police officer everyone wants to have who adopted a special needs child and literally died trying to save another human being. You can read his bio here:

We stretched and ran to the ball fields then ran for the next 25 minutes around a quarter mile track logging an impressive 25 miles between us all. D2 crushed us all with the most laps. Ran back and closed out.

Had a great conversation with Loveseat about law enforcement. I told him it is hard for cops to talk to people outside the profession and not get defensive. But its important to do just that, let your guard down and listen. It was a great convo to the point that I thought we ran a lot less than everyone said we did cause we were so engrossed in the discussion.

Went to Palm Coast and big thanks to Heartbreaker for picking up the tab, always a giving spirit!

Total miles that D2 and I ran was 210+ miles and 23 miles on Thursday and 25 today so F3 gave 258 miles to better mental and physical health and giving respect to officers that died doing their jobs.

Thanks all. Love my F3 group. Stay positive, say positive things, help eachother grow, be compassionate and forgiving and resist the urge to judge others cause you don’t know what their life experience is.


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