Earhart SSI VQ

Designed to challenge, not break

Mosey around the parking lot to the pier sidewalk. 20 SSH, 10 Weed Pickers, Sungods and Michael Phelps (OYO).

THANG 1: Burpicides with 2 at the halfway point then 4 at the end; rinse and repeat with 4 burpees at the halfway point then 8 at the end. Ouch.

THANG 2: Climb the Mountain: 4 stages to clear, cumulatively. 20 yard lunge walk, 20 yard bear crawl, 20 yard broad jump, 20 yard butt-kicks.

THANG 3: jog around the library back to the flags.

COT: named FNG Moana. Great to have some fellow mainlanders in the group. Prayers for Al (medical struggles), and friends of Barney Fife who lost their young daughter in the Indianapolis mass shooting. Prayers for us to be united in Christ above all else.

Naked Man Moleskin: I appreciate the opportunity to Q. I was fatter. I’m less fat. The catalyst was morning workouts that I didn’t want to do, but they challenged me. It was a group of wildmen at F3 Cherokee that pushed me further than I wanted to go–certainly further than I’d go without accountability. I am fortunate to have F3 St. Simons. Great job to the PAX this morning.


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