Visitor Day

For a minute I thought is was just going to be me and Mr. Brady for the workout. As the time neared another figure appeared from the north out of the gloom. Lex Luthor was here. I needed to step up my game. Then another pax appeared from the east. His name was Lefty from Alpharetta ( i think). I definitely needed to give them a challenge. Lastly, Snap Hook from Indianapolis pulled into a parking place. For the first time in my recollection visitors outnumbered regulars. It was on. I had to show these fellas what F3 SSI was all about.

Warmed up with some SSHs, Weed Pickers, and Arm Circles. Moseyed to Mellow Mushroom. Partnered up. One partner bear crawled up and down the ramp while the partner did merkins. Repeat with squats. Repeat with sit-ups. Did a second set of all reps. Moseyed to Half Shell. Rinse and repeat. One partner to top of stairs while other one does merkins. Repeat with squats and sit ups. Rinse and repeat.

Moseyed to pier. Did a dip ladder up to six poles while working our way down pier. Went to far east end. Started with first light post (one merkin, one squat, one sit up), second pole (two of each) all the way to west end of pier. I think that was pole eight. Finished dip ladder on way off pier. Gathered where we started and finished with, you guessed it merkins, squats and sit-ups. As many of each that you could do or 50 which ever came first. Finished with announcements and prayer. Good way to start the week.


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