Diversionary Ball

11 HIMs gathered in the gloom for some fitness activities with a little 10lb ball. After warm ups of weed pickers, SSH, pickle pounders (really starting to like this one!), and Finkle kicks we mosey’ d over to the bus side for da thang.

After evenly splitting the group into two teams, the ball was left in the middle and each team went to their end of the columns. Each team had to complete 10 merkins, 10 Big Boy Sit-ups, and 10 squats before 1 team member ran to the ball and moved it one column closer to their team. After 10 rounds the ball was still in the middle and we ended that. I announced that I just tricked everyone into doing 100 of each exercise while they focused on the ball.

We did another race in the same fashion, however, this time the exercises were SSH, lunges and flutter kicks. The ball was now thrown overhead instead of carried. We had a winner on this go around. Once the ball was on one side the other team had to run much farther to get to it. Good job!

Back to flags, some yogi yoga, announcements, prayers. Manna House Saturday, part of being a good citizen is sacrificing your time in the aid of others. We all are greedy with our time spending it on our priorities. However, when we give up our selfishness in the service of others we make the world a better place.

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