No Toes – possibly the worst Q ever…so they said!

The night before I informed the PAX that I will post at Monday’s beatdown but I could NOT be the Q. A few hours earlier I was enjoying this island’s beautiful spring weather on a bike ride with my kids when the accident happened, a tragedy of sorts and grotesque in its nature. Here’s how it went down…we traveled a few miles to our old neighborhood (The Commons) and enjoyed some playtime with old neighbors. Re-filled my roady… again, and we were back on the bikes for home. Enjoying a little game of “bump-da-tires” we had each of us laughing. Lily didn’t care much for the game and sped ahead. It was now Rachel and I till a victor is determined. We ended up a little side by side when Betty Blue hit some leaves and wheels went sideways. Next thing i know im on the pavement and Rachel flies on top of me. Phone, Flip flop (only one), and her basket was scattered about. I looked at her and slid her off of me and the pile of bikes… “Rachel, you ok? She Said “Yes” but then looked at my bleeding toes and immediately shouted “Daddy, its ok to cry!” being the tough man that I am, we sat down and balled our eyes out for the next 5 minutes…. Actually, i looked at her, then my Left Toe (which is banged up but maybe not as gross and said I’m ok. then i looked at my Right toe (of which has no skin now, and said “i think we should skipped the gas station (our halfway stop for drinks and candy) and go straight home to try to stop the bleeding. She agreed and we eventually caught up to Lily, waiting for us at the gas station. Gave her the bad news and made it back to the condo to tell Mommy…

Morning awakens, sore and bandage up, i made my way to the AOQ

oh, and there was a beatdown today led by Loveseat. We warmed up, and when we say “warmed up” Dodgeball used this opportunity to blanket us all with amazingly loud and exceptionally long flatulence (def. A buildup of gas in the digestive system that can lead to abdominal discomfort)…forget his “discomfort” our eyes were burning and UTG felt targeted… he did aim right at him….

We moseied (while I wobbled and gave a good race to Mr. Brady – he just beat me) to the parking area in front of the Casino building) Loveseat then pieced together a “21’s” beatdown of 1 and 20, 19 and 2 lunges/squats to Carolina drydocks, an so forth while running length of parking. i did the reps but wobbled across (shortways) the parking lane. Blackberry stayed by myside and modified while also trying to figure out better “toe-less” workouts like crab planks, and an assortment of AB exercises.

WE then slowsied to playground for a round of “10’s, 1 and 9 to 2 and 8 (incline elbow merkins with pull ups) to 9 and 1.

ran to flags (well, Me and Mr. Brady made our way slowly…) to find the PAX all in a frenzy as “somehow” the American Flag toppled over. They looked at me as I had the flags but I didnt stomp the shovels in the ground due to my toe injuries…I blame Earhard as he set the flags… PS – Always respect the flags!

anywho, no real annooncements and prayers for everyone!

Q’d by Loveseat as Dodgeball, Butterfinger, UpTown Girl, War Chicken, Earhard,, Blackberry, Mr. Brady and Siri followed along.

Naked Moleskin: Wear closed toe shoes. PERIOD. ALWAYS! and you’ll never be toe-less like I am! true Story.

Chad Goehring 43 SIRI


One thought on “No Toes – possibly the worst Q ever…so they said!

  1. You forgot the math lesson on the repetitive stress injury/ I mean 21’s & 10’s:
    20 + (1+19) + (2+18)… + (10+10) = 120 Carolina Dry Docks
    10 + (1+9) + (2+8)… + (5+5) = 60 Pullups (or negative pullups)

    Can’t tell if the fact that I can’t pick up my arms or button my shirt is from my vaccination yesterday or the fact that my tendons are shredded from 60 pullups…

    – Blackberry


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