Running and stretching

8 HIMs gathered in the gloom to get the day started right. War chicken (War daddy since Mr. Brady was not there), Dodgeball, Fidget Spinner, Uptown, Earnhardt, Heartbreaker, Siri and of course moi, Yogi Bear.

After some light stretching including pickle pounders we paired up and ran out the entrance road, along Frederica and back around to the parking lot.

Circle up, hold plank, one Him does hand release push up and then runs around circle. Once we all went we did Parker Peter’s and Peter parkers. Next we did same holding feet off ground in flutter kick position. Once everyone made it around circle we did Freddie Mercurys. Then we held a half squat (of note Heartbreaker holds the perfect half squat!) each HIM took turns running around circle then we did monkey humpers.

Mosey around exit road, Frederica and back.

Back in a circle, same format with plank, boat and canoe and lunge.

One more big mosey.

Back at flags, light stretching. I informed everyone as a condition of employment i have to be able to touch my toes. Very important ! Need my job still!

Prayers to parents and kids. Sometimes with kids the harder we try to squeeze the more rebellious they get. We all hope our kids fly from the nest but don’t crash and burn. Best we can do is guide them with advice.

Looking forward to a completely stupid and utterly pointless workout Saturday! Congrats to D2 and Uptown for completing the GoRuck challenge this weekend past.


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