The 12 sided die

8 HIMs and a faithful mut gathered in the warm morning for a Q that depended on the roll of the die.   Warm ups and disclaimers then mosey to pier.

We sprinted from one end to the first light post and back then rolled the die.  12 options from push ups to squats to abs .   Then sprint the next post and back and roll, continuing through to the 8th light post on the other end of the pier. 

Mosey to grassy field at the casino, circle up, plank while one man at a time runs around outside circle then enters and rolls the die to lead that workout.  

Mosey to playground and circle up.  One man at a time navigated the playground while the rest did SSH then enters circle and rolls the die and leads the exercise.   Of note, D2, followed by Loveseat (not to be outdone) scaled the elevated railing of the playground in an impressive feat of upper body strength.  

Mosey to Half Shell hold legs off the deck while one man at a time runs up stairs and at top yells “F3!” Then returns and rolls the die and leads that exercise.  

4 rounds got us all sweating so ran back to starting point.  Circled the flag and swore allegiance to our county.  Prayers for Tinman2 and close in prayer.  

Of note, next weekend is the Goggins 4x4x48 ruck March, beginning at 8pm on Friday March 5th, through 8pm Sunday, come do one leg, a few, or all.  Starting points to be posted.   if you can’t make it join Heartbreaker at Manna house for a morming of service.

Weekend of March 13th is GoRuck events, get with D2 or Uptown for details.

Finally, March 20th is the F3 SSI 5th anniversary CSUP workout. CSUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Useless begins at 7am at OPES for a Q, ruck to Community Church for 2nd Q and ruck to Pier for final Q then attempt to get calorie neutral with lunch at Mellow. Come support and participate in any way you like.


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