Shine the Light

Eight pax met on this warm, foggy morning to get the day started in the right way. Started with some warmups and a mosey to the bus lane. The seven pax other than myself were assigned a number, one to seven, and an exercise. They called out the cadence in sets of fifteen. Between exercises we alternated bear crawls and lunges between two sets of poles. Two sets of this with different exercises each time got us to the end of the lane. From there the seven got to pick their own exercise on the way back to middle. Completed fifteen reps of 21 different exercises, bear crawled 21 poles and lunged another 21. Sprint back to play ground entrance, slowsy to parking lot. Finished with a round of suicides and a merkin burn out.

Heartbreaker spoke some words of truth this morning worth repeating. Yogi had the only light as we navigated the perils of the playground on the way back to the parking lot. Everyone gravitated to that light and benefitted from it. Heartbreaker reminded us that as Christians it is our responsibility to shine our light brightly so those in the darkness have a place to gather and seek refuge. We cant hide our faith, we need to shine it for all to see. Amen Brother.

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