This morning I said “I’d rather be the 6 who is modifying that than the guy who stays in bed”.

6 men gathered in the gloom this morning for the Thursday Renegade workout at OPES. Was happy to see last minute arrivals, so we had YHC, Loveseat, Butterfinger, Blackberry, Siri, and Heartbreaker. That’s a smaller number for Thursday – several of our regulars are enjoying the snowy slopes out west, and it was good to see Loveseat return from his ski trip. We missed Yogi who is a Thursday regular, but he was protecting the capital. (see below, I think Yogi looks rather intimidating)

Disclaimer and some warmups:

Slow, in cadence weed pickers
Helicopter (arms extended out and rotating)
Tempo Squats

We began our journey to the back side of the school where the bus lanes are with a slowsy walk while doing LBACs. Once we finished the round of arm circles someone was smart enough to bring a headlamp so we moseyed the rest of the way.

Upon arriving, there were two minivans and a couple of moms who’d discovered our space. They had yoga mats and gear and they were getting after it doing mountain climbers, squats, etc. So we opted to mosey on down to the far end of the columns.

Heartbreaker said maybe we should only use 1/2 of the columns to give them room. We all agreed, especially because I’d forgotten just how many columns are there when I planned the workout.

I took a minute to address the reality that whether you like it or not, we have officially ushered in the 46th President of the United States. I’m grateful it was a relatively peaceful transition yesterday.

In honor of 46 (the number, not the guy) – the workout was:

Run to first column and do 4 burpees.
Run back to start and do 6 squats.

Run to 2nd column and do 4 burpees.
Return to start and do 6 squats.

Continue until the last column – which in this case, thankfully, was only the halfway mark. I believe it was 14 total columns to the halfway point.

About 10 columns in, I was very glad those ladies were on the other end causing us to modify the workout, as my plan was to do all 28 columns.

Partner up – Dora – BBS
46 total big boy situps while your partner runs to the end column and back. We did not sum the total – each person did 46 situps, so the reason to have a partner was just to set a pace for one another.

Partner Dora – Pullups
Walk to the playground and we did 46 pullups (total, between partners) while other partner runs to the end of the concrete and back.

46 alternating, single-count step-ups … OYO
find a bench, do it.

Head back to flags for COT. My watch said we’d been working out for 41 minutes, but Siri said we were late so I must not have started on time.

SSCC hosting an Iron Man single day event Feb 6 (Saturday) with Kenny Grant. Meat market opens at 3:00. Low country boil at 5. Signup online, caps at 250 men.

Happy Hour today at Growler. I took a moment to encourage folks to try and attend, even if they don’t drink beer or alcohol. You can get root beer, or water, or go next door and get a Fuse – it’s about the 2nd F – Fellowship.

Prayers and close.


  • Siri deserves merit for attending despite his long day at work and even longer night. I’ll let him share the details. He pushed through without whining. (or splashing merlot … or pinot?
  • Blackberry has some weird red headlamp now. He was wearing it INSIDE HIS CAR when he drove up. OK.

A few of us hung around a few minutes and chatted. That’s always nice when the morning isn’t so rushed. We talked COVID, how it impacts families, and politics. Bottom line, as men and leaders, we need to be praying for our nation, praying for our President, and for our leaders. Take the high road, be positive, be true to who you are, but most of all – pray, and ask how you can be a better person.

Finally, never give up. I saw Siri walking home from work yesterday and when I called to ask if he needed a ride he said he’d hoped nobody had noticed him. I told him “Siri, I’ve been the 6 at workouts for years, I know how to recognize you from behind”. Truth.

This morning I said “I’d rather be the 6 who is modifying that than the guy who stays in bed”.

This morning I said
“I’d rather be the 6 who is modifying that than the guy who stays in bed”.

So there ya go.

Fitness. Fellowship. Faith.
Get after it.

Fred McKinnon, 50
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