It was a chilly morning.

Mrs Howell was lurking in the dark.

Blackberry had his head lamp and towel. Hes been out for a few weeks….

WARM UP AND DISCLAIMER: SSH, Arm circles, tappy taps, quick mosey.


100 marking, 100 BBS, 100 overhead press, 100 squats, 100 curls….for the girls!

5 rounds at 20 reps each with a long mosey or short mosey/lunge walk.

Finished a few minutes early to allow Blackberry to impress us with his Highschool stretching….we were all very impressed!!!

Naked moleskin: I would have fartsacked if I didn’t have the Q. Tired, stressed from work and life, and it was cold. Glad I didn’t. Enjoyed the early discussions, war chickens humor, and some laughs.

CoT: prayers for country and community. The transfer of power, yogi in DC, and Udubs and others…

Let’s be leaders in a crazy tone and divided nation. Love your neighbor, call your mom, and post as often as possible!

6 guys hot after it this chilly morning: butterfinger, blackberry, Mrs Howell, war chicken, siri


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