A COLD Day to Q

A COLD Day to Q 2021.01.14

I had signed up for this Q and several others last week.  The plan was in place, rain or shine, hot or cold…This morning it was a little bit chilly.

As guys rolled in we welcomed an FNG Mr. Brady brought – Welcome David aka Big Lot.

Welcome – Disclaimer – lets get after it…. And knowing Blackberry was not able to attend, we could leave the parking lot and not worry about late comers.  We stayed though…

Warm up:

A quick mosey around the cones to get the blood flowing.  10 SSH, Tappy Taps and Tempo Squats. Another mosey and a few more SSH..seems to be warming up quickly…


WMD – A bear crawl (10 steps) and then 5 Wide merkins, bear crawl 10 more steps 5 Merkins, 10 more bear crawl steps Diamond merkins.  3x we crawled around the parking area.    It was quickly brought to my attention the “we will not be getting very far” with the Bear crawl movement.  I guess I’ll need to have us crawl further???  After the first round I moved us to the sidewalk to save out hands. Gloves or not, that pavement was cold and rough…

This sucked and was way harder than I anticipated…

GPP – A lunge walk (10 steps) with 5 Groiners, 10 lunges 5 Peter Parkers, 10 Lungers 5 Plankjacks.  Rinse and repeat 3x.

I had planned a WBC (crab walk with 5 WWII situps, 5 BBS, and 5 Carolina dry docks) but choose to punt and continue with a more simple alternate…

An exercise DUMP of 20 to 1 reps with a lap around the cones every two sets…

20 dips, 19 BBS, run cones

18 dips, 17 BBS run cones…

 All the way to 2 dips 1 BBS run cones.

We were pretty smoked so I gathered the PAX and we moseyed to the flags for the bonus burnout.

5 Burpees, 10 Gorilla Humpers (IC), 15 Carolina dry docks (IC) and 20 Flutter Rosalitas (IC)

Now, we were done.

Naked Moleskin:

We were excited to learn about the FNG and sometimes you are what you do.  Welcome Big Lot as he is one of Big Lot’s big wigs or something.  Yogi yelled it out and I agreed.  Big Lot it is…  His Wife is my Lily’s 5th grade teacher and one of their sons (local) is a landscape architect I work closely with…will try to get Blake to 0jin us with his dad.

What ever your age, size, fitness status, etc.  Be intentional.  Make the effort. And get out of bed and get after it.


Prayers for a few or our local worriers fighting cancer and COVID.  Prayers for Yogi in travel to the Capital for the inauguration.  Peace and safety to all.  Mending of the country, and continued prayers for our community.

Thank you guys for the morning chatter, the hard work, and the comradery only the GLOOM can bring!

Yogi, Butterfinger, Snot Rocket, Heart breaker, War Chicken, Fidget Spinner, Mr. Brady his FNG David Hightower(Big Lot) and Siri

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI


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