Stairway to Heaven

Six pax gathered in the cool gloom to get the year started the right way. I wanted to develop a challenging workout with no running. Hope it worked. Mosey to flagpole…I guess we did run 100 yards.

Warm up: SSHs, Little Baby Arm Circles, Weed Pickers.

The Thang: Gathered at steps by flagpole. Simple workout. To top of steps, 10 reps of an exercise, back down 9 reps, back up 8 ….to 1. Did 10 rounds: Side Straddle Hop, LBC, Merkin, Freddy Mercury, Plank Jack, BB Situps, Squats, American Hammers, Lunges, Flutter Kicks. By the time the dust settled the pax had accomplished 550 reps, 50 flights of stairs up, 50 flights down and gotten up and down off ground 70 times.


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