Goodbye 2020 – Welcome 2021

Goodbye 2020WELCOME 2021

“2020 was like looking both ways before you cross the street then getting hit by an airplane”!






Words some have used to describe the YEAR 2020.  Others may have found Hope, Strength, Encouragement, Love, Community, and Faith.  Where ever you are lets all agree that 2021 can be a better year than last.

The 5 Key Words of the Year 2020 per Merriam-Webster and were: Pandemic, Lockdown, Quarantine, Work from Home, and Social Distancing.  I went ahead and picked 5 NEW words for 2021; Endurance, Intentional, Respectful, Committed, and Encouraging.  I hope to filter my life with these words in mind.  Basing decisions, friendships and relationships, business deals, and fitness goals through these positive thoughts.  Find your word (s) and become better this year.

Here’s what F3 St. Simons Island 2021 looks like:

F1: Nantan – SIRI (Hee Haw, Cowtipper, UpTown Girl will continue to influence with their leadership)

F2: D2 (Manna House), WOZ and Luigi (HQ), Stumpe (PAX Challenges)  Maybe 2 gatherings for a grill out or Happy Hour hosted by a PAX.

F3: Cowtipper (Men’s prayer breakfast) maybe Heartbreaker and/or War Chicken can provide other Men’s group opportunities.  SSCC Men’s retreat, Small Groups, Etc.

 AOQ’s 2021

AO                         1st Qrt:                 2nd                         3rd                         4th

Jainlbreak:           LoveSeat             D2                         Blackberry           Dodgeball

IronMan:             Fidget Spinner    Butterfinger        Mrs. Howell        Milkbone

Renegade:           Yogi                      Heartbreaker      Cowtipper           War chicken

Sailors Wrng:      Siri                         UTG                      Hee Haw             Footloose

Special Events/Happenings for this year:

  • Convergence (Celebrate our 5th yr and F3’s 10 year – thinking March)
  • Quarterly Fitness Games (Kickball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, etc.)
  • Holiday specials
  • GoRuck events and training
  • PAX Challenges

Recruits: I challenge every PAX to reach out to 3 men (existing MIA members or FNG’s) and let’s build our AO’s into 10 plus guys each morning.

Visitors (DR): Last year we had an amazing amount of F3 visitors from not only from GA and adjacent states but from around the Nation.  I plan on tracking better so that we can also benefit these connections when we travel.

F3 Nation locations:  So there are 2,392 AO’s across the country with 201 in GA, 14 in JAX, 16 around Hilton Head SC, and 11 in the Tallahassee area FL.  SO if you don’t like F3 SSI or you are out and about, I think there’s an AO just for you near by.  I’d like to track where we have posted DR; I personally have visited 6 different AO’s around the country; Rocklin CA, The Capital VA, Point of Pain Pittsburgh PA, Athens GA, Trembling Earth Waycross GA, Beehive Buckhead GA.  Let me know where you have visited so we can start a contact sheet.

As you venture out into the community and find opportunities to encourage other men to join, don’t forget the F3 core Principles and motto…

FIVE core principles:

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to all Men
  3. Held Outdoors
  4. Peer Led
  5. End with COT (Circle of Trust)

F3Nation: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him”

Looking forward to many mornings in the gloom, old and new faces, to better ourselves and strengthen not only our muscles but our attitudes.  And remember “The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary”.  So let’s put in the work so we can enjoy the rewards.

See you soon,

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI


One thought on “Goodbye 2020 – Welcome 2021

  1. Good to see we have thousands of AOs! While 2020 had serious challenges we also had many blessings. Look forward to continued growth in the F3 ranks. We make eachother stronger!


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